Seen this under your “Create Post” area on Facebook lately? It’s the beginning of their response to the booming growth of virtual meetups, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a recent article (and a blog announcement by Facebook itself), the

social media giant has launched its own “Zoom-like” feature, building up its Messenger platform to give users the ability to broadcast live with up to 50 individuals at a time. Users, or “room creators,” can invite guests who are not on Facebook, control where it is shared, and more. They can even lock rooms after meetings have to started to help ward off potential hackers.

So what does this mean for Zoom users? Despite the company seeing a 5% drop in stock shares after Facebook’s announcement, I do not foresee that the many organizations – faith-based in particular – who have come to rely on Zoom as a virtual gathering place will throw it away in favor of the Messenger feature. I also believe that Zoom will continue to reign among the top go-to platforms for webinars and large-meetings.

Stay tuned for more updates! I will share new developments with you as they arise. Know that Kara is committed to helping you navigate this new virtual world we’re living in – by staying educated and keeping my finger on the pulse of “what’s next.” If you need help, Kara’s got you covered!

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