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What I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur

I've learned many valuable lessons since starting my entrepreneurial journey. Here are a few:

  1. As an entrepreneur, your Time and Talent are what bring you your Treasure. They are assets that you must first value before anyone else will. Always charge what you are worth, even if it means losing a potential client. This brings me to my next point –Not everybody who inquires about your product or services is meant to be YOUR client. The right ones will come to you. It is tempting to say yes to all, especially when you are just starting out – you wanna get that bag! But sometimes, it’s not a good fit! Get comfortable with saying no.

  2. Ask for help! A stressed-out, overextended, overworked, and burnt-out entrepreneur is not someone who can be trusted to bring their A-game to any project. If you’re able to hire a part-time assistant, do it! Or, try connecting with other businesses in your area of expertise and work out a win-win system for you both. Delegating or outsourcing does not diminish who you are and what you offer. On the contrary, it shows you have excellent business sense.

  3. Mistakes are necessary for your growth as a business owner. No one starts out knowing all there is to know about anything! Rather than look at your mistakes as failures, use them as teachable moments to propel you further.

  4. Self-care first, their care second! You MUST make time for restoration and replenishment. Go back to point number three.

What have you learned?


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